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Free paintball repairs at JJ Sporting Goods?
You can play FREE at our fields!
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I do free repairs as a service that the mall and big box stores cannot provide. You would, of course, have to pay for any required parts. I would expect you to buy any such parts from me, since I am the cheapest, and meet or beat any legit price. If you buy crap that doesn't fit from online, I am not going to struggle with it for hours, and not charge you. We service what we sell, and we install everything purchased here for free as well.

J& J Sporting Goods offer free repairs on all makes of markers.

A large selection of repair parts on hand...
From AutoMag to Icon-Z, we can get you going.

We provide the same FREE service
for Markers purchased at local merchants as well.

To schedule team play, ask for directions, or just talk paintball...
call us at (740) 374-3719
or e-mail us at jjinfo AT
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Live Sound Reinforcement?
Some Lights, Smoke, Laser, Videos for your event?
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Play Paintball?
Need CO2, Parts, Repairs?
A Free playing field? Private Playing field available with 10+ Rentals
Free Repairs? We service what we sell, and we offer Free repairs and installation with part or accessory purchase.
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