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This is a new 88 CI, Crossfire carbon fiber, 4,500 PSI tank. Good hydro $189

Automag barrels 14" Camo front stainless base A.A. $50

Green front black base (polished) AA $30

Old Icon Z? Max velocity is only 256, $45

New Pure Energy 47 CI, 3,000 PSI chromoly nitrotank, good hydro, $89

NEW Sprint electronic trigger frame, with multi-modes, and two windows for
DIP switch access.Semi, Burst, Full Auto, ect, fits all Kingmans,
with 9.6V battery and charger $125 SHIPPED! --- Kev

NEW Storm electronic trigger frame, with multi-modes, tourney lock-out,
charging port, works with rechargable or regular 9V batteries.
MADE IN THE U.S.A. by MAKO. Great warrantee service, if needed,
Semi, Burst, Full Auto, ect, fits all Kingmans $115 SHIPPED --- Billy

New Shocktech swing Trigger for the Autococker. One of the Easiest to adjust,
Chrome, fast $79 SHIPPED only two left!

Spyder TL, used, single trigger, rear cocking, beavertail, vertcal forgrip,
bottomline, milled body, rear velocity adjust and aftermarket barrel. $125 --- Kevin

Used one time, 53 CI, 3,000 PSI chromoly crossfire nitro tank, good hydro, $80

Tippmann Model 98 CUSTOMS, 11 total, with tanks, hoppers, squeegoes, tools, barrel lugs. $90 EACH

Model 98, not custom, Double trigger, hopper, chrome trigger guard, vertical adp. Kapp Expansion-very nice, drop forward, over $259 in it, $125

M3 paintball Black Dragon, electronic Semi, low pressure w/reg, two piece barrel $125

Automag 14" J & J Ceramic barrel , $30!

A older green 12" Smart Parts All American, performs great, AUTOMAG $30.00

Bob Long Millennium Body, w/ Vertical Feed $30

Used Smart Parts Wooden Grips, green, fits 45 frame $20

Used Smart Parts Wooden Grips, Black, fits 45 frame $20

Used Smart Parts Wooden Grips, Black, fits Mag/cocker stock frame $20

New Flex-7 IZE, Brown, clear thermal lens visor, goggle bag $39.00

Black Houge Grips, in perfect condition, for 45 Frame $12

1999 autococker, with a aftermarket 45 frame- Aluminum instead of stock fiber. Panel grips, Bottomline & beavertail, It has a nice aftermarket bolt, and a brand new PMI Razor barrel.. Had about $500 in it. $295 shipped or Will sell shipped for $270 without the barrel.

Nearly new,powerfeed classic, ($289), OTP barrel (black, $69) is quiet and accurate. Black benchmark vertical hand grip ($29) with twist lock barrel plug, BRAND new bottomline, w/ 8" braided hose, 45* & 90* ($29),New 200 rnd hopper & Green 32*elbow ($7.50) Double trigger ($10). I still have the Box, and warrantee card, ect, just like a new one.With tax & shipping over $460 invested. $290 SHIPPED

Automag All American 12", green, $30!

Automag DYE Boomstick, like new, 16" $80!

Automag 14" ICE COLD barrel by 32*, barely used, $30!

AutoCocker DYE Boomstick, like new, 16" $80!

Smart Parts All-American 2-Piece Stainless Steel $45.00 shipped

Complete Armson Pro-Team Products Autococker gun in Blue, Rifled Pro-Team Products Barrel. $375

Powerfeed Automag, very nice LAPCO barrel, Vertical adp.with macroline, chrome vert. grip-gas through, Braided bottomline with Chrome 90*'s, chrome raised sight rail. With tax & shipping over over $460 invested $295 SHIPPED!

Bob Long Signature Series Splashed Blue Autococker. ANS Quickfire frame, rock knob, shocktech low pressure block screw, NEW PMI Razzor barrel, New 32* tacky grips, With tax & shipping over $1,000 invested. $400 SHIPPED!

Benchmark Automag RT 45 Frame with Armson style feel and safety, BRAND NEW! $59.

Tippmann Carbines, about two years old, with 200rnd hoppers & 9 oz tanks for $95 ea.

Tippmann Pro-carbine, two years old, with hopper, New sling, cable squeegie, and barrel plug, and NEW 12 Oz tank $100

Tippmann 68 Carbine, with hopper, NEW cable squeegie,New barrel plug $85

2nd Tippmann 68 Carbine, with hopper, NEW cable squeegie,New barrel plug $85

Two PMI Razor barrels, black, for the Autococker, NEW $25 Ea

Tippmann Prolite, about 4 years old, but very well maintained. Used as a spare at a field. Still have the sling, 9 oz tank, New cable squeegie, and new barrel plug! $65

Automag 12" Lapco Autospirit Stainless Steel barrel $40!

1999 'cocker, with ANS black adjustable vertical reg. Beaver tail, & bottomline. That is a 16" black base All American Barrel there. High & Low pressure guages. Brass trigger shoe, stainless steel rods and linkages. $300

Phsyco Ballistics ARADIUS adjustable barrel- Autococker!- new 14" $75

Phsyco Ballistics ARADIUS adjustable barrel- M-98 & Custom!- brand new 14" $75

Pure energy 47 CI, 3,000 PSI $40.00

Nice custom Autococker. Mini-sniper 3 body, ANS Gen-X front block and pneumatics. Stainless push pin, stainless cocking rod, factory fiber frame, VL Groovy grips, black Al trigger shoe. Block drilled, tapped W/32* gauge. Stainless vertical A.S.A., and stainless steel Air America Unireg regulator. Stainless tourney lock. 14" 32* Stone Cold copy barrel. $460.00

Used Piranha Booh-Yahh Frame, charger, Nickle metal hydride battery $100

BARELY used, bonsai green 16" Smart Parts All-American, black base-but has had the base polished silver. $50.00

BARELY used, Dark blue splash (not speedy) 16" Smart Parts All American, black base $50.00

(these are about $99 for the Mag- )

OTP 12" Automag Black, $40.00

ANS AUTOMAG Stainless steel Venturi Bolt Brand new $29.00

Stock Minimag aluminum Barrel $20

Used 14" stainless base carbon fiber, AUTOMAG $49.00

A slightly used Autococker 12" Smart Parts "Teardrop" barrel for $40

A 32* "Ice Cold" chrome barrel for SPYDER $30-used 14"

A J & J "PRO-2-Piece" Stainless Base black front 16" barrel for $50- like new

Pro-carbine with 200rnd hoppers & 9-oz tank for $115

Used JAVA SERIES EM 1, Bought for Spyder Cup last year, very quiet & fast $300

Silver Rebel LE, Vertical Powerfeed does not block view. Raised sight rail, double trigger frame, $125

47 ci nitro bottle, Chromoly, Pure energy $50

Red Gel grips, 32* $12

14" AUTOMAG J & J Performance Ceramic Barrel $30.00

WGP Swing Trigger for Autococker with DYE Sticky grips, $75.00!

Powerfeed AUTOMAG, LIKE NEW, Gun Only, $220

Shocktech Superfly Bolt for Autococker, Pre 2000, $30.00

Like new ICE COLD barrel, 32 Degrees SOLD $30.00

Shocktech Superfly Bolt & Stainless beauty 1 piece barrel combo $80.00

New double triggers for Automag, black $9.00

Purple Splash Smart parts fore grip $12

Black Smart parts fore grip SOLD $10

Black Viewloader Automag foregrip, $10


47 ci nitro bottle, Chromoly, Pure energy,$30

Pro-carbine, with 200rnd hopper, squeegee and tool kit, & NEW 9-oz tank $115

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