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"THE LIST" is different than most free classifieds, in that items that are sold get removed, a human
actually posts the ads, No Wanna-Be Dealers allowed, Items are expected to sell for 2/3rd of the new price. There will be no "come check my site" or items that do not exist. WE DO NOT BUY! This is a "Country Store" Only working items in good condition will be posted, and all items will be tried (But NOT guaranteed, express or implied) by the store Airsmith. If you are not willing to display it at this shop, don't ask for a Free listing.


Currently all our great used deals are "in Store" only.
You will have to stop by and look around, some of this stuff goes for cheap since they want it sold NOW!
Items that don't move quicky will be auctioned off on E-bay, and wind up costing more!

Can't find it? check here to see if it is sold already....

The original tippman Model 98
The New Model 98 CUSTOM, Custom Pro, Custom Platinum Series is on always on sale in the store.

All of our regular Tippmanns comes with 200 rnd hopper, tools, cable squeegie, pillow pack oil, spare o-rings, without buying some "starter kit"! Compare THAT to most places "gun only" low price.

Semi-auto action/:Micro-Honed barrel / Quick-release ACME-thread barrel
Quick-release feeder elbow / High performance CVX Valve / Die-cast receiver
Internal linkage arm / Integrated DUAL WEAVER & 3/8" .22 sight rail
Custom front grip for control / Weight -2.9lbs / Fully adjustable rear sight / Crossbolt Safety.
Custom A.P.P. Style Split rubber grip / 200 round HOPPER / 45 frame / Stainless gas line
"Hyper-Shot" trigger that has less than 3lb trigger pull
---Tippmann Barrel plug/factory Cable Squeegie/Factory tool kit with spare o-ring.
The main feature is the ease of customizing the marker.
The 98 custom combines all the great features of the model 98
PLUS the ability to accept drop in kits for the Response Trigger,
as well as adding a double trigger without a hacksaw.
BOTH MODELS ACCEPT the Electronic kit, Flatline Barrel System, Double Trigger, Vertical Adaptor, Expansion chambers and Low Pressure /Nitrogen

Tippmann Flatline Barrel with shroud, adaptor, & wrench..- unbelievable range, and we Include the SPECIAL barrel plug and 18" squeegie the others charge you extra for! "Shoots farther than any gun*, at ANY price
* Currently the Flatline barrel can also be professionally mounted on the W.G.P. Autococker

We also do a barrel job for barrels that break too much paint $20, includes the return freight...."

Super CO2 Tank Sale! 7 Oz CO2 Tanks for $--.--!
Super CO2 Tank Sale! 9 Oz CO2 Tanks for $--.--!
Super CO2 Tank Sale! 12 Oz CO2 Tanks for $--.--!
Super CO2 Tank Sale! 14 Oz CO2 Tanks for $--.--!
Super CO2 Tank Sale! 16 Oz CO2 Tanks for $--.--!
Super CO2 Tank Sale! 20 Oz CO2 Tanks for $--.--!

These are BRAND NEW, complete with pin valve and in good HYDRO-DATE - Beware of old aluminum out of date tanks! All of our 4, 7, 9 Ounce tanks are D.O.T. EXEMPT!
All of our 12 and 16 Ounce Scott tanks are D.O.T. EXEMPT!
Aluminum (and most Steel) tanks over 2" require testing every FIVE years"

Nitrogen / High Pressure Tank Sale! We have complete HPA systems as low as $55.00 for NEW 3,000 PSI, with current hydrodat!

68 Automag Minimag Parts Kit List Price: $20.00 Our Price: $12.00

AGD Automag Level 10 Bolt Kit List Price: $99.95 Our Price: $69.00

Automag Aluminum Powerfeed Plug List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $7.95

Automag DYE Double Trigger 45 Frame Chrome List Price: $84.95 Our Price: $69.95

Automag Powertube Spacer Kit List Price: $22.00 Our Price: $14.95

Automag RT Parts Kit List Price: $29.95 Our Price: $25.00

Automag Sharkgill Sight Rail List Price: $39.95 Our Price: $19.95

Automag Velocity Thumb Adjuster with Lock List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $12.00

Automag Vertical CA Adapter List Price: $39.95 Our Price: $12.00

CO2 Refills 4-6 Oz $1.50 7-9 Oz $2.00 10-12 Oz $2.50 14 Oz $2.75 16 Oz $3.00 20 Oz $3.50 24 Oz 4.00

Paintballs as low as $3.00/100 in case quantity.

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