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Best quality at a real value on all your Paintball needs
Free paintball repairs at JJ Sporting Goods?
You can play FREE at our fields!
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Your support means everything!

...your one stop for all your paintball needs.

Play Paintball your way at J & J Sporting Goods. Play the games you want, as long as safety rules are followed. Four fields, three open all year 'round. We have CO2, and we refill Nitrogen and HPA High Pressure Air tanks up to 5,000 P.S.I.

Free repairs? YES. We still offer free repairs on most guns. We are also an Official Kingman and Brass Eagle dealer and repair depot. Our Airsmith can often find or repair parts that have been discontinued.

Whether you are new to the game or a long time fan of the sport, We have everything that you could want or need to get in to the game and get the edge you need to win!

We have over a dozen brands of great Paintballs. We have basic paint that is a cut above discount store paint, and we MEET or BEAT any legitimate price.

J & J Sporting Goods is located in Marietta, Ohio, we try to offer what ever the the paintball player wants. This is your field. Your Way... Tell us what you want and we will do it, get it, or at least try... 740-374-3719

We have lots of NEW and USED equipment and paint that is going to be way fresher. We order direct from the factory every week, and not from some huge warehouse where the paint often sits for several months, getting hot, cold, and stale.
Forget about screwy balls and pigments that have settled to one side.
We service what we sell, and we only sell the best!

Support your local field and enjoy free repairs, frequent visitor perks, and maybe join a team!

We are an Authorized Dealer
(to give you the best deals) Of the following product lines:

  • 32 Degrees
  • Brass Eagle
  • BT aka Ben Tippmann
  • Diablo Direct
  • Direct Connect
  • DYE
  • JT U.S.A.
  • Kick Ass Paintball Products
  • National Paintball
  • Paintball Mania
  • P.M.I.
  • Proto
  • R.P. Scherer
  • Taso
  • Viewloader
  • WGP, and Others!


We match any legit price on the INTERNET*, on in stock items, without inflating the freight. Most orders picked up in the store have little or no freight correction . What good is a $5-10.00 Coupon when you pay $18.00-$40.00 in freight!

J & J Sporting Goods Bulletin Board, Tournament rules, safety rules, paintball swap meet, Mid-Ohio Valley product reviews

To schedule team play, ask for directions, or just talk paintball...
call us at (740) 374-3719
or e-mail us at jjinfo AT

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Play Paintball?
Need CO2, Parts, Repairs?
A Free playing field? Private Playing field available with 10+ Rentals
Free Repairs? We service what we sell, and we offer Free repairs and installation with part or accessory purchase.
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