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The J & J Sporting Goods SHOP is open from 12:00 Noon until 5:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

The playing fields are ONLY open from 12:00 Noon, until 5:00 PM, on SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Located in Marietta, Ohio, JJ Sporting Goods offers what ever YOU the paintball player wants. This is your field... come and play YOUR Way!...

Tell us what you want and we will do it, get it, or at least try....

JJ Sporting Goods offers you FOUR* Fields for nonstop adrenalin-packed paintball action....

The Speedball Field - "Termination Terror"

The Small Field "Hide-n-Hunt Hill"

The Big Field - "Predator Forest"

The Extreme Field** - "The RAW WOOD"**

Just Click on any of the field names above and learn more about all the paintball field options just waiting for you!
* Four Fields, and growing. Three of the Fields are open all year 'Round.
Bad Weather, Lightning, Construction, or Logging may result in a temporary field closure due to Safety Contraints.

** The Extreme field is very rough and tough, no access roads, and cannot be called a 'field' by our insurance company and THUS it IS CLOSED to the public.
It is now only available to Military and Law Enforcement with private insurance.


If you know you are coming, and are under 18 years of age, you must:

A. Have your parent or Legal Guardian sign you in at the field....


B. Bring a Signed AND NOTARIZED waiver slip with you....

We have the waiver that our insurance company REQUIRES available online below.

Click here for a printable waiver.


The J & J Sporting Goods SHOP is open from 12:00 Noon until 5:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

The playing fields are ONLY open from 12:00 Noon, until 5:00 PM, on SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

We are open all year round, but occasionally have to close for School or Family functions, so it never hurts to call first.

Reservations are not required, but are recommended, otherwise the priority is 'Reservations' then 'first come, first served' for walk on players.

We are closed on Mondays.

Playing fields are ONLY open on the weekends from 12:00 Noon until 5:00 PM.
There is never a field or greens fee for walk on players joining our open group.
Note that most places charge $10, $15, $20 or more, just to play, this is due to the high costs of maintaining multiple insurance policies, like general business insurance, paintball store insurance, and paintball field insurance.
We absorb this cost to reward our players, to the point we are nearly a non-profit organization.
There are all types of players at various level of experience, and usually anywhere from 10-30 walk on players, and some regulars that are always willing to help and teach.

Private Games are available for groups that only want to play among themselves.
The cost for dedicating a field to small group of players is $25/hr and includes a dedicated Referee/coach.
For Birthday parties or group functions that require ten or more RESERVED AND PREPAID rentals, this fee is waived.

A complete rental package is available for $26.00 per person
This includes the Paintball marker, feed hopper, Co2, mask and Safety equipment AND 500 rounds of paintballs.
As an added bonus, as you buy more paint, your rental air is refilled free!

If you break you gun, or have a malfunction, rental markers are available for $12.00 per person and this only includes the Marker, ball hopper, and safety equipment.
IT DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR - You DO NOT get free air fills with a 'Gun Only' rental.

You are providing your air tank, and paying for fills as you go, as well as buying paintballs separately.
IT IS NOT CHEAPER to rent this way in order to share a case, as you DO NOT GET FREE AIR.

It is way to UPGRADE, if you have a crappy gun, OR if want to use YOUR HPA bottle, ect, OR spend a little more and buy a case of more expensive premium paint.

We are 'field paint only' for safety and insurance considerations.
We have been since 2004. It is on the rules, the waivers, here on the website, and posted at the shop and fields.
ANY of Refs or store personnel have the right to permanently confiscate any paintballs that are snuck in - Period.

We are 'field paint only' to protect the players, and thus we do not gouge prices like many bigger fields have to do to make the insurance premiums.
We already have the best prices anyhow, and 'Field Paint Only' helps to keep the insurance premiums down.

Most 'cheap' paint is often made with poor manufacturing processes, and from reclaimed / recycled gelatin, and they do not meet A.S.T.M. or C.E. safety specs.
Yes, so far it is legal, but it shouldn't be. It isn't designed to be any cheaper for you, but made for storage and handling.

Tough and rubbery so the careless labor can throw them around, from plant, to truck, to warehouse, to truck, to store, to storage, to the shelf, over along time.
While they tolerate being mishandled well, they are mass quantities of inferior paint with the pigment settled out, and cannot be expected to fly straight,
usually out of round, and so fragile that it breaks in the gun, or soft paint that doesn't break on impact and may cause severe bruising and goggle damage.

Paint prices vary from $11.00 for 500 rounds, up to $19.00 for 500 rounds of Ultra Premium paint.
Case prices are even less, with "Basic paint" starting at 34.00 per case range.
Even the best of the "Specialty paints" can be had at $65/case.
We offer at least five grades of paint- Basic, field grade, mid-grade, premium, and the specialty paints a lot of place don't carry.

Co2 and HPA High pressure (up to 4,5000 PSI) fills are available.

Goggle rental, or Barrel Blocker rental is $2.00 each and subject to availability, as we may have already rented everything out.

We Meet or Beat All Legitimate Prices, Local AND Internet !

Field Question?...
call us at (740) 374-3719
or e-mail us at jjinfo AT

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