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The Big Field is 400 feet wide, opening up into a 600 foot wide piece of woods with a large ravine and lots of heavy brush. The Big Field is recommended only for larger groups of experienced players. This wild, untamed woods offers some nasty ambush points that promises unexpected gameplay.

This field is most suited for "Elimination" and "Attack & Defend"(single flag)

As is true with ALL JJ Paint Sessions, Play is Flexible, FAST, and Fun.. and most of all SAFE. Here are a few of the basic rules which are enforced on the Big Field.:

  1. Everyone must enter the playing area through the designated boundary.
  2. Parents or Coaches for newbies can stay in and give instructions.
  3. Once you enter the field, you do not leave until "out". Thus you can't leave and clean you gun, get paint, air,ect, and then come back in. (If you run in, get ambushed, you can't leave and then come back somewhere else.
  4. Most games have a 20 minute limit, if you dally outside the boundry until time is up, you are out.(Don't Dally, the "Hiders" have an advantage already, why make the odds worse? The slow and weak are always picked off)
  5. No Hiding/Ambushing is permitted on the left side of the creek. (Gotta stay off the cliff!)
  6. No bunkering / Surrender Rule
  7. Offer surrender within 20 feet, MANDATORY under 10 Feet.
  8. Rec. Play 285 fps.
  9. Rec. Play Only-Gun hits do not count, hands do not count if on the gun.
  10. The ball must break, splatter does not count.
  11. "Paintcheck" must be called if unsure, once you call "hit" or "out", you stay out.
  12. Retrieve flag from defenders, and hang on starting line to win, or elimination.
  13. "Dead" men DO NOT carry guns, paint, air, shout directions, help, or "Kibitz"

To schedule team play, ask for directions, or just talk paintball...
call us at (740) 374-3719
or e-mail us at


Remember.. Its PaintBall YOUR WAY at JJ Sporting Goods... If you have any suggestions for other games or rules, just tell us! Plus, we can rotate between fields, so everyone can play what they want!

A main cause of frustration among many paintball players stem from conflicts over rules or boundaries. We publish our rules and boundaries so all players can be aware and in agreement. (like the ball must break, the hands don't count, no hiding on cliff on the big field)